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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  March 16, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>>mark: think you for joining us on the kron4 morning news. more rain around the bay area this morning. we are expecting rain this morning and it may be for the weekend. here's a look at storm tracker 4. >>james: the storms are starting with the rain is moving from west the east and left to try other screen. let's focus in on where we're seeing rain this morning. zahara we have a heavy
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drizzle at the moment but every now and did you get a steady pouring as you're driving around san francisco. pacific and straight up toward said francisco, most of 280 and 101, south of the airport is ok for now but the rain is starting to get a little wet before too much longer. in the east bay we continue to see rain but mainly walnut creek and 680 west towards interstate 80 and 880. for the maze in oakland through pinole and the carquinez bridge, a highway for about a concord is also what. it continues to be wet towards could start. antioch, from what after italy's in the delta should
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prepare. from san results of the golden gate, light rain at the moment but eventually it will clear out. >>james: erica is focusing on our forecast a drop of one. more wet weather headed our way. a a.m., sporadic shower activity in the north bay.
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by noon, not too much of a heart of the date of more organized race. the organized stuff takes shape to apply noon and then slowly making its way across the bay area who as we head towards five him during the evening ride home and bury will be nice and wet. particularly scary with heavy downpours expected from standard: north to 101 thomas goddess joash by 9:00 p.m. the, some really nice downpours. the yellow, orange and red and green moderate-heavy rain. alatas status both by friday and saturday how we will start to try things out and not that the ground can soak in a downpour that we get
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over night. saturday will be a mixed bag. hopefully the but what will pass us by in the morning and we will hang on to a chance of showers and to the accident. sunday we could see more real substance under. by monday and tuesday we will drag things out with the 10-20 percent chance of showers here and there. that is our weather. a lot going on here and let's find out what is happening on the roads. >>george: there is not a lot going on in the traffic department but we expect that will change as the year wears on. right now we are attacking any hot spots. we do not even have any giselle of accidents senior note when it buys high on the san mateo bridge, highway 92, the volume is building up in the westbound commute directions the the
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golden gate, still no more goblins for the southbound truck. on a traffic maps we have been wanting a ride through concord on 680 sel, there was an earlier reported accident. the arsenal of bombs to picket the in our first hot spot. the south bay freeways are still completely clear. in the peninsula commute looks good as well. at highway before, and no delays. hot paul >>mark: we have a team of silver and were stationed around the bay area, yoli aceves is live that the cd. >>yoli: so far is dry. we're getting that, before
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the storm. >>mark: @ jackie sissel is watching the possibility of some flooding. >>jackie: heavy rain has started to take its toll on what the right. it is a notorious spot and iran. every time iran's again cuddling. all of which are looking at the northbound side of 101. and into left lanes and there is a large bottle. cars are coming through at a relatively high speed. hydroplaning could be a real issue. caught it could be a dangerous situation when car as it was a little area right at the of ran it is a
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large kettle river fiddler och flooding >>mark: and santa cruz, craig skalar is watching now, river if. it has been causing damage at the santa cruz beach boardwalk. >>craig: if you are looking at the southern end of the boardwalk. there is the san lorenzo river. nice and all fixes the rains have stopped for the time being. as the county in the place their runs the boardwalk have managed to recover the river. keith this they were able to redirect bing's away from the boardwalk. they say that the board what could be open today. with rain coming in the next 24 hours or so, but things could pick back up again. the work they did to protect
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the area will be put to test. >>mark: will be watching weather throughout the bay all morning. >>darya: several trees fell in san francisco yesterday. here is video of the damages. with one tree came down and hit a car schoolhouse och alcohol there were able to clean up all the bridges so that it would not happen again. on one tree crashed into this home on dome on stream into landed on top of a room where a 76 year-old woman stays. luckily, she was not hurt. we would love to see any of your storm pictures. we will have continual weather updates coming up.
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we are back with more in a couple of minutes. look! here she comes!
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>>mark: we are seeing rain headed to the south bay. >>darya: and less than three hours, apple will open its doors early. that is only two hours away. long lines are already forming at apple stories about the bay area. everyone is ready to get their hands on the new ipad. in palo alto at the apple store the first person
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started camping and all at 10:00 p.m. wednesday night. here are a few suggestions if you do not want to wait outside of a store. wal-mart is already selling the new-line pad. the 24 hour wal-mart started selling it this morning, just after midnight. and verizon stores are opening early and at&t stores have been ipad. it will be opening at 9:00 a.m.. some best buys, radio shack and target stores will have to new-line have it they will not be opening verse. season go to the apple left side and denied that there. it will deliver in two-three weeks. after today that could push back to 5-6 weeks. >>mark: an update on the weather forecast coming up after the break.
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>>darya: here is a look at weather. the big news is things are changing. >>james: we are enjoying somewhat of a nice break. in the east bay, light rain tonight we have heavy downpours. all that could pass us by overnight. if you are going to be on the nimitz, light rain the
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poland's lot is another category. bids ibiza's a light rain over redwood city. the rain continues to track towards oakland. if we are still dealing with drizzle conditions. heavy drizzle at times here
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is what we see across the greater north bay. that is the way the picture looks on the radar. look at the intensity to the north. by noon we will see the cold front taking shape. by 5:00 p.m., light-moderate showers.
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off long-term, here is a live at the 7 day around the bay. costs sunday, things will get a clearer for us. it looks like a minor chance to run close here and there. it will be more some of rain. let's get the latest on tropical george. >>george: it is still a pretty quiet start of the traffic center.
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let's start at the bay bridge. a great laugh riot under way. traffic is light enough that it is still moving freeway from the macarthur maze from 80, 880 and through the toll plaza with no access as for delays. it is clear and cut is likely to change al morning clears on. the ride on 101 southbound is still very light. on fridays and typically seek more traffic. here's a look at the traffic maps. 80 westbound is completely clear. a couple accidents reported but we do not see much in
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the way of slow traffic. the westbound 580 ride looks great coming from livermore into dublin. 680 started to slow heading down toward sunol. the south bay freeways are clear with no problems or delays. >>mark: police are looking for the mother of the iraq war veteran. it is believed that he shot and killed his 11 year-old sister before taking his life periods they believe it was a murder-suicide. cost six here is a picture of the missing mother. the u.s. soldier accused of
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killing 16 afghan civilians will be a rising at fort leavenworth today. cost some >> it is a tragedy all the way around. he has an exemplary record. he is a decorated soldier who was injured and iraq. he had increased to his brain and body. and think the message for the coveted general is that he needs to be treated fairly.
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six >>mark: hamid karzai is calling for american troops to be pulled out of afghan villages in return to their main bases. the fbi and allman security have increased a warning of attacks. >>darya: we're back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look outside at the golden gate. a messy start to the day. we will be right back. a messy start to the day. we will be right back. fox osweetheart. we need to talk.
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allman >>darya: and good morning. we're taking a live look at storm tracker 4 to show you the storm. it is moving quickly. it was in the north and now moving to the east. we are also seeing a little bit to the level of around san mateo furious we will
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fifth of the >>mark: the opening bell on wall street this friday. we are also watching the nasdaq. it is over to about the hand of the dow is up as well. big gains in the early months of the youth. the dow is up 33 from the head of the opening belt. >>darya: we are headed into the weekend. it is training right now off. tell them about the big change. >>james: we have heavy rain, thunderstorms or tonight. the bulk of it may be done with by early tomorrow morning.
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>>james: hall there will be a couple of scattered showers into tomorrow morning. for we have a rain being reported along highway 24. the rain is now closed and locked into the oakland hills. all of this continues to slide to the right, that is headed to the east. san francisco, the peninsula, you have to get down towards half moon bay
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before you see some of the light rain. at some point we will start to slip into portions like redwood city and callow alto. downtown san francisco is ok. there is some slow drizzle with the most concentrated rain has pushed off over the bay. here is the stretch of 101 that we have been watching. from the golden gate to nevada, a pretty decent rain to. that has since pushed off. fed has less debt considerably. further to the north, let's take a look. the wide view in santa rosa finally in the clear. the wide use shows us all we still have in store for today. a lot of cloud cover and
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moisture streaming our way. take a look at future cast. we will lay out how the rain is expected to develop. the heavy rain will be confined to the north. by 5:00 p.m., your drive home could be a wet one. light-moderate rain slated to fall in those areas with the heaviest of the rain to the north. they could be excessively nasty drive through that hour.
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look at the pops of red on the map. that is where we will see the heaviest of the rain. look for hail and high winds and torrential rain to be coming down for that short span of time. we will wake up tomorrow morning to damp conditions. the heaviest of the rain will push through overnight. that is what we are seeing on the weather front. we will talk more about the weekend in our next report. >>george: we're finally starting to see a little salon on the bay bridge. overall, the roads are doing well. we have only had one trouble spot. on the bay bridge, the westbound ride is just beginning to back up now that the metering lights have been activated. there are still windy
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advisories today as is friday. on the sanity of bridge, as conditions look good. no problems eastbound or westbound. on the golden gate, no delays or problems. your ride continues to be a good one to the san ramon valley. a little bit of slowing
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through westbound 580. cut to 80, won a one, 85 and even 17 are clear. there are no delays through marin county through 101 southbound. >>darya: our team coverage continues, we have a crew of so reporters out and around the bay. on 101, this jackie sissel is stationed take a look at conditions. >>jackie: it is a heavy mist.
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>> it is a very slight drizzle. kohen >>darya: homeland and floating to the east. craig skalar is live in santa cruz her taking a look at the river. they received so much rainfall that the river moved. >>craig: yes. on the southern end of the boardwalk, the concrete embankment was threatened by
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the river. everything is nice and calm now. they have redirected the river away from the boardwalk to protect it from being undercut. harbaugh is expected to be open today. >>darya: of it for what is supposed open. we have crews all the pages reconditions on this friday morning. life's see your story conditions. send us your pictures. we will close our pictures on our facebook fan page.
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>>mark: we're watching this damage from the days of rain. in san francisco, a tree came down and smashed a car. tree trimmers came in to clear debris. us a break in their raids yesterday for a cruise a chance to do some clean-up of. fear is video in san francisco, crews clearing out storm drains xi. they also swept up debris left behind. if you have any interesting
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pictures, the man. you can also send them into our office of fan page. stay with kron4 as we continue to track the storm. more on the forecast coming up after the birth. "
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>>erica: here is a look at future cast. degree on the screen indicates a foot of snow. as we head into the afternoon as the advanced the clock, or tomorrow morning, 10:00 a.m., the blue indicates between 2 and 3 ft. of fresh snow. if you're headed to tahoe, bring your genes. you'll see a mix of snow and rain on sunday would temperatures from the low
6:47 am
50s to the low 30's. a closer look at your forecast and what is happening at the ski resorts coming up. >>darya: we have a chp officer of live talking to us about the conditions he sees right now in the sierra. tony >> we do have snow. you do need to bring your chains if you're coming over here. when you start going up the hill it changes from grain to snow. that can cause a lot of problems. you have to travel at the speed is safe. >>darya: you can see the wind and ripping the snow kwon all
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>>mark: in the bay area, the forecast looks drive to the weekend, james fletcher has details. >>james: here is it is a targeted forecast for those of the east bay, the san ramon valley, delta and livermore, scattered rain and drizzle. by 5:00 p.m., that is what we expect the rain to pick up. that is with a cold front should make its way president. by 5:00 p.m., look for the rain to ramp up.
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thunderstorms possible through much of the in the east bay. lafayette and are rid of her high with 24, light rain falling there. that is the picture for the east bay. as is like to the santa cruz mountains we have been tracking a system that has been pushing up and over the santa cruz mountains. we have been tracking light rain moving over the peninsula out to oakland. san leandro could be given some light rain. yoli aceves is near a burger
6:50 am
and says there is not a lot going on. the wide view of the north fierce widespread clearing. that is the current situation slow for continued scattered showers throughout the afternoon. please come back for the next update will what he to future cast 4 and showed you where and ran the set is -- the rate is at fault. we do not see too much of a back up. half as of yet we are not tracking and the hot spots.
6:51 am
hah mahmoud golden gate, light traffic to and from marin. there are no concerns or problems. did it airport open over sound big rig. potential problems and potential hot spots. of the rest of the east bay ride is not bad. some slowing coming was routed to convert from
6:52 am
highway 4. they little bit of salon on 101 northbound. the northbound ride through marin county continues to be delayed free and the problem free for the southbound commute. there are no problems to report headed down to the golden gate. >>mark: the nasdaq is down 5, the snb of the dow are both up. we are less the 90 minutes away from out of stores open to sell the first of the new-line pads. will tramped is in union
6:53 am
square to show us how long the lions are. >>will: these people finally have their hands sound umbrellas. new-line its hundreds deep. >>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look at weather and traffic. och here is a look at the
6:54 am
total rainfall we have seen so far from these storms. the disease santa rosa and the san francisco over 3 in.. oakland, almost 2 in.. concord, and inch and a half. you can see a san jose has hardly gotten anything from this rain. we will direct.
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>>darya: we're taking a look from our roof on van ness ave. it is cloudy and great. you cannot tell that it is raining, but it is. flea have a rival delays at sfo. three hours because of the clouds, the fog into the rain. oakland and san jose airports are running on time. kohen even though it is going to the rain had phillies -- even though if tatarstan not hot
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